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At Ceramic Pro Floresville, we offer Ultravision and Luminous Films

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Specialty Window Tint Films

We offer a variety of specialty window films by Ultravision and Luminous Tints.

Ultravision Tints

UltraVision films are constantly expanding! To be on the forefront of innovation, we try to expand our products to be the best for style and protection. UltraVision offers chameleon tints and black tints.

We have a variety of products in each of those films to ensure that you can find the perfect match for you!

Luminous Tints

Luminous Tints is more than just a chrome tint. We believe in family, community, service and of course, quality. Our mission is to luminate the world with your help!

We offer multiple different colored chrome window tint. From Ammolite to Midnight Black. Whatever your style, we have a match. Let us LUMINATE your Ride!

Specialty Tint Floresville

When it comes to protecting yourself and your interior, window tint is an absolute necessity while living in Texas. Window tint film comes in a variety of shades, making customizing your vehicle incredibly easy. 

There’s something sleek about a vehicle with tinted windows. However, a window tint does far more than just look good – it is incredibly protective as well. Window films provide heat rejection, keeping you cool during the summers and reducing your need for air conditioning. It keeps you safer by protection from harsh UV rays that are known to cause skins cancer. 

This film allows the glass to keep its integrity upon impact. Keep your family safer during a car accident by reducing the amount of glass shattering that can potentially cause extended injuries. Lessen the likelihood of a break in with window tint. The darker windows allow for more privacy, which allows you to hide your belongings inside the vehicle.

We offer window tint films from Ceramic Pro, Ultravision and Luminous Tints. Contact our team today for a free quote on our window tint services!

Benefits of Window Tint
  • Protection from heat and UV rays
  • Great Visibility
  • Luxury Look
  • Ensures Privacy
  • Cuts Glare
  • Custom Style

Choose a Chameleon Film

On first glance, the “chameleon” tint looks like a slightly dark film, but in reality, the creation of this tint takes over 200 layers of different polyurethane materials. With the help of modern technology, the tint does not fade even in the brightest conditions.

It is made so that you could never become tired of the amazing chameleon effects that differ depending on the weather, lighting, and angle of view. This tint also provides great visibility for the passengers inside. Therefore, the “chameleon” name reflects the ability and tendency to change depending on its surroundings.


Choose a Luminous Tint

Upgrade your ride with Luminous Tints. Experience the eye-catching appeal of a sleek chrome finish while adding privacy and reducing glare.

Luminous Tints offer a range of benefits for your custom vehicle. Not only do they provide a striking aesthetic, but they also enhance privacy by obscuring the view from outside. Say goodbye to prying eyes while enjoying a comfortable driving experience with reduced glare.

With Luminous Tints, you have the freedom to customize your vehicle’s windows to reflect your personal style. Transform your ride into a head-turning masterpiece that stands out from the crowd.

The best window tint for your investment!